SAOSIS – Bio Fertilizer Manufacturers in India

As a nationally renowned family-owned company, we are dedicated to manufacturing the finest quality Agriculture products available anywhere. Because Organic input ingredients play such a large role in our country, all formulas and products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure superior consistency and quality control. We offer custom blended soil mixes, natural and organic fertilizers as well as organic-based products that Combine the Best of Technology with state of the art Saosis’s ultra boost +5 technology.

Ongoing field trial of Saosis products demonstrates that Saosis’s products greatly increases plant vigor, maturation speed, crop yield and potency. Saosis products are engineered nutrition programs, soil treatments, root zone additives, foliar sprays, disease preventives, inoculants, compost teas, bud boosters, and other highly-effective specialty formulas that help growers create strong plants that are protected against pests and diseases that plague farmers.