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Many of our educational support programs outside of our business are directed at youth. We are strong advocates for farm safety and leadership development.

We engage a variety of stakeholders in the development and implementation of our educational programming to have greater impact and reach. Our programs are often developed for youth and youth educators in partnership with not-for-profit organizations. We believe that youth education programs should be based on science, align with curriculum and teach sustainable practices that result in long-term positive change. We also believe in sharing with like-minded partners that can help extend the reach and evolve the programs.

Saosis strives to develop youth in mind, body and spirit through a variety of education programs. We categorize our educational programming into three focus areas: Environmental Education, Agricultural and Nutrient Stewardship Education, and Farm Safety Education. Our success is measured by stakeholder feedback and interest. We continually strive to improve the reach of our programs and the quality of the learning.

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