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Fertilizer Online Shopping India – buy organic fertilizer online India

Fertilizer Online Shopping India. This article is about Fertilizer Online Shopping in India and Fertilizer Online Shopping. The planting of garden and balcony needs various nutrients to be able to grow in a healthy way. Also, it Contact Us Todayrequires harvesting a good quality of fruits and flowers. These nutrients add to the soil in the kind of fertilizers. If we attach to some simple and essential rules regarding fertilization, we can expect a good quality of the harvest. On the other hand, plants turn into resistant to pests and diseases and pests. Today, in the world of internet, fertilizer online shopping has become very popular and hence now you may buy fertilizer online. fertilizer online shopping India.

What fertilizer is the suitable one?

Fertilizer online has a wide variety of fertilizer. You would have to choose between organic and mineral fertilizers. Speaking of mineral fertilizers, you can often find in fertilizers the word NPK stands for Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).Click here to visit our Online Fertilizer Shop

Nitrogen is required in plants for expansion. Phosphorus makes stronger the roots and offers magnificent leaves, fruits, and flowers. Without the use of potassium, plant water supply is less productive. Using these fertilizers, it protects your plants from any deficiencies. fertilizer online shopping India. In the long period, mineral fertilizers, on the other hand, absorb nutrients more slowly.

An organic fertilizer also effects for a longer period of time. The best organic fertilizers are compost chips or food. Compost, as for example, will be suitable as a nutrient for many shrubs. Full grown compost is particularly rich with nitrogen. It usually applies to the surface of the soil. The damage to the plant roots can be possibly damaged. It is always compost have a few nutrients but that improves the structure of the soil. The best option to buy fertilizer online, you will find a wide range of the different fertilizer, fertilizer online shopping India.

When to fertilize?

Basically, you only have to pay for the rising season. If you pay later, the plants cannot prepare properly for your rest period. They will have very thin buds that will be responsive to frost. The lawn fertilizes once in spring, another at the end of the summer and finally when the rising season ends, in the fall time.The fertilizer must apply to cutting grass that ensures it rapidly comes in touch with the earth. After fertilization, the lawn grass should water so the fertilizer softens and can have a good effect, buy organic fertilizer online India.

How much fertilizer require? Studies over the past many years are indicating that the orchard has over-fertilized, while turf grass is often insufficient. You should not use fertilizers in excess because too high absorption of nutrients affects the plant roots. If it has an excess supply, the nutrients which are water-soluble become more diluted in the deeper layers of the soil. And finally, reach to the groundwater. Therefore, it is always advisable to fertilize less to ensure to keep safe your wallet as well as the environment. Fertilizer online shopping India.

Is the fertilizer we use irrelevant?

The answer to this question is, Not at all. Each fertilizer used – whether compost, corn or manure fertilizer have their own effects on the organization of the soil. Each of the fertilizer acts differently as per its composition. Eventually, the nutritional needs of the various plants also differ. The needs of the plants of the Sedum genus, typical of rocky soils, are different from those of the gentlemen’s spurs. And the tomatoes, in turn, also have their own needs.

Every type of plants needs 4 main nutrients, which is: nitrogen: growth promoter and a key component of the proteins. But it is also an element important of chlorophyll. Magnesium: main element of said chlorophyll. Phosphorus: mainly to favor flowering. And potassium that helps in reaffirms the tissues and ripens the fruit. Different plants require different amounts of these nutrients. If you are in search of the right fertilizer for your harvesting, it is advisable to buy fertilizer products online. We have the best quality of fertilizers. Fertilizer Online Shopping India

About organic fertilizers:

If you are in search of the question: Is organic fertilizer better than any artificial fertilizer?” Once again, it depends. You can only assimilate the fertilizer in a specific chemical formula where the fertilizer is available to the roots, or else, it does not work. The only advantage of organic fertilizer is normally good for the earth and for the creatures that living in it. In an intense situation, people who use only mineral fertilizers will ruin the soil of their gardens in the longer period of time. That because these fertilizers do not fulfill the nutrients of humus and the waste that the earth and the creatures that live in it need, fertilizer online shopping India.

If you use organic fertilizer, make sure that it usually takes at least 3 to 4 weeks. It depends on the season and weather conditions – to dissipate in the earth so the flora can assimilate the nutrients. Mineral fertilization is especially appropriate if you are going to provide many nutrients to the plant relatively quickly. On the other hand, there is an intermediate alternative: mixed organic-mineral fertilizers, organic-based on added minerals. Today, fertilizer online shopping has become a trend, and you will get the best products and best services from us, Fertilizer Online Shopping India

On the matter of adding effects: garden soils tend to have phosphate in a large amount. That is almost always accompanied by a deficit of nitrogen. Therefore, it is not always advisable using a compound fertilizer. If you will be adding a lot of fertilizer, the level of the nutrient may be too on a higher level. It is advisable to fertilize according to specific needs than utilize the same method per system. For example, you can use a potash/nitrogen fertilizer instead of a nitrogen/phosphorus/potash compound; in the case of the soil has sufficient amount of phosphate already.Contact Us Today

It is advisable to take a little sample of the garden floor and examine its fertilization level. In this way, you will always know your situation. it could even recover the cost of the analysis only with what can be saved in fertilizer. The one costing you more or less, in any case, that method provide care in a better way of the soil. In addition, it many times protects precious groundwater, by not subjecting it to the dumping of an excess of fertilizer.

Types of fertilizer:Your plants need primary macro elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N, P, and K). Also, it also requires secondary macro elements such as calcium, sulfur, and magnesium (Ca, S, and Mg). Likewise, certain microelements such as iron, boron, copper, and zinc are important. All of them are available in the different types of fertilizers. There are several classifications, depending on their composition, use or specialization and the state in which they are presented:

•    Organic fertilizers:

These types of fertilizers are mainly from vegetable or animal remains. They are characterized by containing carbon, improving soil structure and adding humus. Their advantage is that they are natural and their absorption is gradual, slower than inorganic ones: mulch, earthworm humus, horse dung, and peat are the most usual. Buy the best quality fertilizer online with us.

•    Inorganic fertilizers:

Inorganic fertilizers are also known as mineral fertilizers. It comes from chemicals, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium or iron. The advantage of these fertilizers is that their plants perform absorption process fast. The same weight as organics contains many more nutrients. We have several types:

  1. According to the elements that they contain they can be: Simple, they have a single fertilizing element (N, P, and K); Compounds or complexes, have at least two of the main fertilizer elements.
      – According to your physical condition: solid, liquid or gaseous
    • – According to the release of its nutrients: conventional or slow release
  2. Slow-release fertilizers are safer in case of overdose and give better results. It is chemical fertilizers that release nutrients progressively, providing plants with nutrients gradually and constantly over time.
  3. Universal fertilizers: both organic and inorganic. They are generic and serve for any type of plant
  4. Specific action fertilizers: for lawn, flower plants, green plants, specific coloring, nutrients for leaves, growth for trees, fruit trees, roses, hydrangeas, petunias, geraniums, orchids, bonsai, cactus, conifers, and etc.
  5. Ecological fertilizers: both organic and inorganic, in addition to being 100% natural, they develop with respectful means to the environment. These types of fertilizers are the most suitable for your garden or edible garden.

Why Buy Fertilizer Online Shopping India:

Fertilizer Online Shopping in India. It is very easy and safe to buy fertilizer online. We put at your disposal an extensive variety of products of great quality for the care and treatment of your crops, at an exceptional price. Among our wide selection, you will find all types of best quality fertilizers from fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, wetting agents and many more. All of the fertilizers are in excellent quality products that will help you to take care and protect your plants.

You can take care of it in a professional way, getting results effective.In addition, in our fertilizer online agricultural store, we also offer you an exceptional range of fertilizers. That will favor the correct growth and development of your plants. Within this category, you can choose between foliar fertilizers, amino acids or deficiencies corrector, depending on the needs of your plants.

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Agriculture Products Online Shopping – Buy agricultural products online

Agriculture Products Online Shopping. Today in the world of the Internet, everyone prefers to buy agricultural products online. The agricultural systems are the main world source of food for the ever growing population. These systems, sometimes well known as agro-ecosystems, usually consist of several parts and processes. They include a cultivation area with soils. They also include previous geological and ecological forms in processes, production, and equipment for sowing plus harvesting, cleaning the land and harvesting. A good market is necessary to buy the production. And provide the money for the acquisition of fuels, fertilizers, merchandise, and services that keep the system running. Hence it is essential that by using latest technology Agriculture Products Online Shopping be found.

About Agriculture Products Online Shopping:

Today all types of agricultural products online have become very popular. The concept of agricultural production utilizes in the field of economics. That refers to the type of products and benefits that an activity such as agriculture can generate. Agriculture, that is to say, the farming of cereals, vegetables, and grains are one of the main and very essential activities for the survival of the human being, for which the production of the same is always a relevant part of the economies. Majority of the regions of the planet, regardless of how advanced the technology or profitability is.

When we talk about the agricultural production [buy agricultural products online] we refer to everything that is the result of agricultural activity. For example, cereals such as wheat or corn, vegetables such as potatoes, carrots or fruits such as strawberries, the apples, etc. All these products are part of the agricultural activity. Although you can also find several other uses to them for various industries such as perfumery, clothing, hygiene, etc. buy agricultural products online

What challenges does Agriculture Products Online Shopping face today?

For decades, agricultural science has to pay attention to boost production through the development of the new technologies. That achieves large increases in yield and lower costs for large-scale agriculture. However, these advances have had a great environmental cost. And also have not solved the social and economic problems of the poor in developing countries. That generally is beneficial the least from this increase in production.

Today, development of the world has become uneven. Many people are attracted to buy agricultural products online. The unsustainable use of natural resources has the worsening effects of climate change. Poor nutrition and poor quality food products are partly responsible for the increase in chronic diseases. Agriculture intimately relate to these problems, as well as the loss of biodiversity, water availability, and global warming.

The International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) concentrate on cultivation as a food provider. Also, it is a provider of environmental services, health, and economic growth. That is both socially equitable and sustainable. This evaluation recognizes the variety of cultivation ecosystems and local social and cultural conditions.

The time has come to rethink how agricultural knowledge, sciences, and technologies can contribute to a more equitable and sustainable development. The sustainable development is the need of the present time. It is necessary to prioritize the desires of small-scale agriculture in heterogeneous ecosystems and in the areas most in need. This means improving livelihoods in rural areas, increasing the power of marginalized actors, preserving natural resources. Ecosystems provide multiple benefits taking into account different forms of knowledge and facilitating fair access to the market.

Marketing of agricultural products:

To sell the agricultural products, farmers require reliable roads, transport to promote and fair rates. To change government policies that support farmers can take a time to arrive. However, farmers can join forces in many ways to obtain fair prices and better government support. Farmers also need to get familiar with technology, so that they can buy fertilizers and other products online.

Local and international markets:

Lesser known farmers generally sell to intermediaries and get less money for their products. Governments can offer help to stop the cultivation of traditional products such as corn and rice. Instead of growing profitable products such as sugar, coffee, and cocoa for international markets, we can produce it here. However, the profits from the cash crops are unsure. If international prices go down, there may be losses and you will not have anything to eat.For several farmers, the production of food to sell locally and regionally can tender a constant source of profits.

Cooperative marketing:

The only way to ensure good rates and security of the food is the formation of a supportive or marketing organization with other farmers. At the time of farmers come together to sell their products together, they will have the better control of the prices they are gets for their harvest. And reduce transport and marketing costs. In most countries, there are rules that govern the creation of cooperatives or associations.

It is essential to work with the group that you trust to make sure that everyone’s responsibilities meet. It is essential to agree with the policies that give all members a reasonable share of decisions and profits.

Value-added products:

When farmers deal with crops and create goods for sale, value-added production happens. Such as dehydrated, dried fruit, and packaged herbal jams, honey, medicines, cheese, jellies and jams, baskets and furniture. This type of production has given its name because it adds value to the crops that produce.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of the end customer, what are the main advantages to buy agricultural products online?

To buy Agriculture Products Online Shopping has become the trend today in the world of the Internet. The Internet has revolutionized the market and has led to a new consumer profile that seeks immediacy when making purchases and its maximum comfort. The network offers traditional commerce. And it is the great opportunities to reach new market niches. In which they had no access until a few years ago. But, putting ourselves in the shoes of the end customer, what are the main advantages of doing online shopping?

·         Immediate offer:

Accessing a product that you want has never been so easy. Any item or service is at our fingertips simply by typing in an Internet search engine. In a matter of seconds, a perfectly organized list of establishments or virtual platforms will appear before you where you can acquire it in a few clicks.

·         Save time:

Buy Agriculture Products Online Shopping and you can save a lot of time. You no longer have to go from one place to another and do miles to find the product you need. The displacements are over because we can have everything on our computer screen. Virtual trading platforms like those that allow us to buy orange at home. That offers you to locate the product almost instantly without having to go around the aisles of a supermarket or a shopping center. In addition, you can see them as we will receive them.

·         Options and more options:

Buy agricultural products online has the great advantage of being able to compare the times that are necessary. How many times for lack of time do you end up buying a product without seeing if that same item is cheaper in the store opposite or two blocks away? When you go shopping, time becomes your number one enemy. On the other hand, doing it online allows you to compare and contrast the same article in several different places without moving from home and in a short time.

·         Easy to compare:

Derived from the above, e-commerce platforms know the importance for the consumer to offer detailed information of what they sell or offer to the user. In that sense, it is very easy to look for the similarities and/or differences of similar products. Agriculture Products Online Shopping.

·         Know opinions:

Online businesses are aware that buying through the Internet needs extra reinforcements to motivate them. That is why it is so vital that first-hand opinions offer from other users who have already tried or acquired the product. And in the end, the consumer relies much more on what the rest of the customers can say than on what will explain through the same platform.

·         Enjoy discounts:

One of the attractions of buying agriculture products online is that the product is usually at a better price than if you do it in a physical establishment. In addition, the trend is that online business models increasingly bet on offering interesting discounts. They give discounts to their customers through coupons for upcoming purchases or with a direct reduction in the price marked.


Thus, there are various benefits buying Agriculture Products Online Shopping. Agricultural production is a variable that those working in the area must take into account when thinking about revenues or benefits. This is because agricultural production controls and organizes in an appropriate way. By knowing the cycles of nature and the products cultivate, as well as the climatic factors that can often cause years of work to be lost. In addition, elements such as the storage of products are already obtaining in appropriate spaces. And that does not allow those products to spoil must also be considered. Finally, in order for agricultural production to be profitable, it must allow the investments. It is made to recover and overcome in order to generate some kind of profit for the entrepreneur. Agriculture Products Online Shopping

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Buy Pesticides Online India – Organic Pesticide, Chemical Pesticide, Natural Pesticide

Buy Pesticides Online India. Pesticides are the generic term for all pesticides and insecticides. These include three major groups such as herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.An herbicide is effective against wild herbs to allow grain, corn, sugar beets, oilseed rape, and potatoes to grow without any disturbances. Fungicides fight with most of the fungi such as mold, rust, and mildew. Insecticides are powerful against mites, lice, and beetles. Buy Pesticides Online India

Buy Pesticides Online India. pesticides online buy

What are pesticides?

Since millions of years, plants are protecting themselves against insects and other pests with toxic chemicals. Substances such as nicotine and caffeine belong to this category, as do the pyrethrins from chrysanthemums. Those are popular in most of the organic pesticides India. Walnut trees form in their leaves an herbicide that prevents other plants from growing on the ground.

When talking about Buy Pesticides Online India, one usually thinks of a very specific application: pesticides in agriculture. There are many active ingredients for crop protection which are helpful. The palette ranges from rapeseed oil to the sometimes very toxic organophosphates. Even greater than the number of active ingredients is the range of preparations. And the latter are often poorly investigated as far as their safety is concerned.

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Even in ancient times, it was known that arsenic also worked against pests, sulfur was probably used against fungi. From the middle of the 19th century began to produce inorganic salts of heavy metals. It is lead, copper, and later mercury on an industrial scale for plant protection. Buy Pesticides Online India.

However, the era of modern pesticides began in the 1930’s with organochlorine insecticides, including DDT and lindane. They are simple. And also are cheap to produce. They were effective against a wide range of insect pests. and were not washed in the rain. In many parts of the world, they increased yields drastically and spread very quickly. However, it soon became apparent that these substances hardly decomposed in the environment and accumulated in the food chain.

Why are there so many different pesticides?

Pests are adaptable and develop resistance to the remedies. Therefore, new and stronger pesticides development is in progress. An example is the Colorado beetle: it multiplies rapidly and can eat fields in a short time. Although it is one of the most famous pests in the world, new antidotes had to be found since 1937 to fight it. Currently, a natural weapon keeps the beetle in check: a remedy from the seed of the tropical Neem tree. You may find many different types while pesticides online shopping.The breeding of new, more resistant varieties but quick successes are rare for potato breeding alone. There are more than 50 criteria must be taken into account. You may buy pesticides online in India.

What are the important differences?

Subsequent classes of insecticides, such as the organophosphates are therefore more readily biodegradable and soluble in water. And the most important, they are much more effective. While up to two kilograms per hectare of organochlorides were applied to each spray action. Today this level is sometimes less than 100 grams per application and acres fell. Organophosphates come from the same class of substances as the nerve gases sarin and VX – they are correspondingly toxic. However, in contrast to substances like DDT, modern insecticides are usually readily biodegradable.

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There is a wide use of Herbicides that work against unwanted plants. The oldest is the synthetic auxins, for example, the herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D). That is on the market since 1945. They act like a class of plant growth hormones and kill the plant by causing uncontrolled growth. Other known herbicides such as atrazine and paraquat intervene in photosynthesis. Substances such as glyphosate intervene in metabolic pathways that build up amino acids and other biomolecules.

In addition Buy Pesticides Online India, there is a whole range of other substances that increase the yields of crops. Such as fungicides, seeds for seed treatment or wound closure agents in trees. However, herbicides and insecticides are the most important groups of active ingredients.

Why do you need pesticides?

The dilemma of agriculture is as follows: create the best possible conditions for a particular plant in as small a space as possible. That as much as possible rich food for humans – or our animals – grows there. It is not enough that both the good growth conditions of the field and a large number of nutritious plants. For other living things are one thing above all, a richly set table. The fact that there are soon uninvited guests there lies in the nature of things. The better the yield, the more pests attract the field. Pesticides kill not only pests but also beneficial to bees, insects, and amphibians.

Plant protection products significantly reduce this problem. It is wild plants competing with the crops or animals that feed on the crops. Pesticides are an integral part of the green revolution, the shift to industrial agriculture. That has roughly doubled global grain production over the last 40 years. In many countries, the security of supply thus gained is still the basis of political and social stability. Indian market is full of pesticides but ourOrganic pesticides India have the premium quality of pesticides. Buy Pesticides Online India.

The dispute is therefore mainly put up the question of whether pesticides are worth the risks. It is possible without or at least with fewer agricultural chemicals. Two developments give cause to this debate. First, pesticides probably contribute greatly to the fact that the populations of important pollinators. Such as wild bees and bumblebees drastically break in, but many crops are in urgent need of their services. On the other hand, experts estimate that global grain demand will double again by 2050. The scope for solving the problem is small.

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Other Factors

Nevertheless, there are already a number of methods that reduce the use of pesticides in agriculture and in some cases already have considerable significance. For example, integrated pest management (IPM) has become widespread, especially in greenhouses. In the process, it is attempted to make life difficult for plant pests choosing the right conditions. So that pesticides are not needed at all. This includes, for example, denying access to pests through closed buildings and quarantine measures. Also biological control of pests by livestock or plant varieties those are less susceptible to predators.

Most pesticides destroy everything that gets in their way. Amphibians, insects, and wildflowers suffer especially as they often come into direct contact with the pesticides. Insecticides damage bees and even the alternative pesticide Copper kills earthworms when it is high-dose.

Is it possible without pesticides?

Although the many countries prescribe the IPM principles for all farms that use pesticides. The process is currently widespread in closed greenhouses and orchards. There is also biological pest control usually much cheaper than those with pesticides. In particular, in cereals studies show that IPM is usually more expensive than conventional methods. With fruit, pesticide-poor methods even increase yield and quality. An important reason why these methods spread only slowly in such cases is probably the effort to appropriate skills and procedures appropriate. Pesticides online buy and you may find various different varieties at the best price.

Side effects:

Wiping out the local population of pests can have an impact on the predators of these pests. That can lead to partial or complete habitat collapse. Long-acting pesticides can work their way into the diet of animals throughout the ecosystem as well and have a similar effect. The entire DDT controversy was based on the fact that this severely affected anti-mosquito drug. It was some birds of prey that were an unintended consequence.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pesticides Use:

Pesticides are incredibly important on an industrial scale. Hard agricultural input although people use them on a small scales home gardening and in agriculture projects too. There is significant debate about the benefits of pesticides be more important than the disadvantages in the long term.

Time and labor savings:

Pest control on crops is crucial in bringing a healthy and responsive, consistent and desirable product to market. Insects, parasites, vermin, bacteria and other organisms can directly damage crops, lower yields and spread disease. Fighting these pests on a plant individually by hand is very time consuming, while mass spraying of crops is fast, and theoretically, requires minimal impact.

Health consequences:

Typically, vegetables and fruits undergo washing treatment thoroughly before people pack them for shipping. But occasionally some traces of harmful chemicals remain behind on these products. An extremely remarkable example of pesticide pollution is in farming runoff water. That may have insoluble compounds which pollute streams, rivers, and reservoirs.

Economically reasonable:

Efficiency and intensive use of inputs literally make modern agriculture possible. It has contributed to the largest and most consistent food surpluses in human history. We value this point and make our products economic. We provide premium quality products at optimum price. They are not just economic but more environmental friendly. We value for not just your money but environment too.

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Buy Pesticides Online India:

If you have been fed up using other companies’ pesticides, you must try our best pesticides. Our pesticides are very easy to use yet very effective. You may also buy pesticides online in India. Today in the world of the Internet, pesticides online buy is very convenient. If you go for Pesticides online shopping, then you may also get a wide variety of products. You can get the yearlong protection for a wide range of shrubs and trees.

You may buy pesticides online India. Our pesticides work as a dual action: It does not only protect trees and shrubs but it also stimulates new growth. Our concentrated formula is the best among any other pesticides companies. You just need to try our products and you will see a significant result in a very short period of time.

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Beginners Reseller Plan – Become a Saosis branded organic plant food reseller for as low as Rs. 2500. An unique entrepreneurship opportunity

Buy at once for Rs. 2500 and get 15% – 18% discount with free delivery. Make a killing profit by re-selling to your neighbor or use it for your own

Beginners Reseller Plan at a glance:

  • Minimum purchase amount: Rs. 2500 per order
  • Maximum purchase amount: No limit
  • Monthly purchase contract: No contract
  • Annual purchase contract: No contract
  • Registration fees: No fees
  • Advance to be paid: Nil. Just pay for what you buy at the time of checkout
  • Effective discount on MRP: 15% – 18% (approximately) on on total invoice value at the time of checkout

Beginners Reseller Plan. As a Beginners reseller plan (BRP) independent business owner , you will receive 15% discount on all products when you purchase more than Rs.2500 per order. There are no registration fees, no monthly or annual contract. The discount will be automatically applied at the time of checkout giving you an idea how much you will earn by reselling it.

Terms of Creation of New Beginners Reseller Account;

  1. There are no account creation or membership charges. Just pay for what you buy.
  2. There are no monthly or annual purchase contract.
  3. If you are registering for the very first time. In the account registration page [ click here ], select the appropriate Reseller Plan you wish to chose. If you already have an account with us, please fill in the form here and we will upgrade you account. Please complete the form with correct information as this is mandatory under GST regulation. Validate your email id by clicking on the activation link sent to your email id.
  4. After receiving all necessary information, we will activate your account within 48 hrs and enable the discount structure.

Terms of Delivery:

We offer free delivery through by road delivery. If you need your items quickly you may get it delivered through air but it cost extra.

Terms of Your Discount / Commission:

As your Saosis business grows, the rewards you earn will grow in proportion and you can earn money in two ways:

  1. Retail Margin: Retail margin is the difference between your selling price and your purchase price. As Saosis Direct Seller, you determine the price you charge (up to MRP), and when you sell products to customers above your purchase price, you keep the retail margin.
  2. Trade Discount: A surprise discount given to Resellers when they attain a particular turn over in a year. Trade discounts are some times given in the form of gifts.

Your discount structure on MRP as applicable in your reseller plan will be calculated at the time of check out. That is, if a product cost Rs. 100 and as per your reseller plan you get 15% discount on MRP. Then at the time of checkout you pay us Rs. 85 only and get delivered to your address for free.

Terms of Gift / Schemes / Offers:

  1. During the year, based on your purchase performance we will send you many offers. There will be offers that you will be automatically entitled and there will be offers that you have to win.
  2. We offer variety of gifts / cash back / discounts / tours / excursion as incentive on purchase.
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Distributorship Opportunity

Online Distributor Opportunity

Online distributor opportunity. which is like at-home franchise opportunity and direct sales opportunity. For a low startup fee — you’ll get everything you need to get started making money from home. And best of all, while you’re working for yourself through online distributor opportunity, you’re not alone, as training and support are included. Ask your self these question before reading more about online distributor opportunities:

  • Do you love & care for plants?
  • Do you want to be your own boss ?
  • Looking for a great home based business idea or opportunity ?
  • Are the issues of commuting to work and rat race have forced you to start looking for alternate ways to make money ?
  • Would you like more time with your family ?

Make a brand by selling India’s best quality plant food. Our work from home business model rewards hard work & effort. We provide good, easy-to-sell Organic Plant food for all kinds of plants that, along with plenty of support and training to ensure the success of your small home business. If you’ve always dreamed of starting a home business, but didn’t know how to begin. We at Saosis, are here to help you make all those entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

If you have the drive and the determination to make a change, we are convinced; you will not find a better opportunity available to you right now than “Online business opportunity”

Online distributor opportunity. If you are thinking of being a Start-Up Entrepreneur, please read our How To Business Guide and Reseller plans

Online distributor opportunity – Terms of creation of new account

  1. Register your self by activating your email ID.
  2. Send us your PAN card, Adhar Card, GST number soft copy and other relevant billing documents.
  3. Complete registration form here [ click here ]
  4. Give us 24 hrs to up grade your account
  5. Make minimum purchase of Rs. 20,000

Online distributor opportunity – Terms of Purchase

  1. Buy anything you like, any quantity you like
  2. Minimum purchase per order Rs. 20,000
  3. Minimum Mandatory purchase per month Rs. 50,000
  4. Minimum purchase per year Rs. 6,00,000
  5. If you fail to make mandatory purchase for 3 consecutive months, we will down grade your plan. To revive your plan you need to make a one time purchase of Rs. 50,000

Online distributor opportunity – Terms of Delivery

  1. We take 3 – 4 days to process your order
  2. We offer free delivery to any location in India where can deliver
  3. At the time of registration we will check your pin code and update you more on this
  4. We avail surface delivery option. Kolkata to Ahmadabad takes about 7 days delivery time. Like wise, Kolkata to Bangalore takes about 5 days delivery time, Kolkata to Delhi takes about 5 days delivery time. This information is only for making estimates and your purchase planning.

Last updated on 16th August, 2017. Version: 1

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Start Your Own Business Guide

How to Start Your Own Business

Start your own business. So you want to do business? Awesome, we want to be your partner. As a responsible partner, we want to make sure success comes to you. This, How To Business Guide is our honest attempt to make your business as success as it can be.

There is no cost to start your own business. Saosis Business Opportunity is flexible, it can be taken as a part time or full-time business. It is accessible almost by anyone interested in operating an independent business. The Saosis Opportunity works in two-fold. Giving you a chance to build your own business at your pace and achieve the rewards and recognition linked to the plan and at the same time, saving nature.

Why do people start business?

Most of us believe that people start business primarily in search of “independence”, “self-determination” and “freedom”. But that is not all. If you learn the history of people who have started fast-growth business around the world, for instance, you will find people whose biggest single motivation was ‘wealth creation’. When you study more business owners in high-growth industries, ‘build wealth’ was the strongest factor in starting a company. Other motivation include, capitalizing on innovative business idea, the appeal of a start-up culture, a self desire to won a company, lack of interest in working for some one else. And for some entrepreneurs, being own boss is an important motivator.

How to Select the Right Product for Your Business start?

A key question often asked by start-up entrepreneurs is what to sell. What products or services could you sell that will make you money? The selection of the right product or service is critical. In fact, the choice of a product or service for your business can make or break your business. Your products or services define your business. Your products are your business! If you want to turn your business into an income-generating machine, the first step is to choose the right product or services to sell.

How do you choose the right product to sell?

Here are a few questions to help you narrow your focus and hopefully select the product that will work for you.

1.     What are your primary considerations for choosing a particular product?

There are a many reasons for selecting a product, and these reasons can include: (a) financial benefit to your business, (b) relatively low investment requirements, (c) positive return on investment, (d) fit with present strategy, (e) feasible to develop and produce, (f) easy to source and procure, (g) relatively low risk, and time to see intended results.

2.     Can you meet the needs of the customer and solve a specific problem?

Your product must address a need or an opportunity. You need to know how your products or services can assist customers. It must have a real value that customers can recognize, want and need. Include in your product information and sales materials how your products can benefit the customers,

3.     How capable are you to resell the product?

Just as an athlete needs to know his physical condition before he enters a race, you must also know if you have the time, resources and ability to resell your products. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of going forward with a business idea only to find that they cannot afford the workers required, or do not have the necessary time in the first days develop the market.

4.     What is the size of your potential reachable market?

You need to at least get an idea of the size of your market. Know who are likely to use or benefit from your products.

5.     If a similar product exists, can your product be superior in its functionality, presentation or marketing?

This entails knowing and understanding your Unique Selling Proposition. Your unique selling proposition is the one thing that makes that your product different from any other. It’s the one reason they think consumers will buy the product even though it may seem no different from many others just like it. It may be that the product has a lower price or more convenient packaging, or it may taste or smell better, or last longer.

6.     What are the potential sales, growth, profits, and time for payback?

Before starting your business, run your numbers first. Get a clear idea of your cost structure, how much sales you need to have to breakeven and post a profit, and what your return on investment will be.