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Beginners Reseller Plan – Become a Saosis branded organic plant food reseller for as low as Rs. 2500. An unique entrepreneurship opportunity

Buy at once for Rs. 2500 and get 15% – 18% discount with free delivery. Make a killing profit by re-selling to your neighbor or use it for your own

Beginners Reseller Plan at a glance:

  • Minimum purchase amount: Rs. 2500 per order
  • Maximum purchase amount: No limit
  • Monthly purchase contract: No contract
  • Annual purchase contract: No contract
  • Registration fees: No fees
  • Advance to be paid: Nil. Just pay for what you buy at the time of checkout
  • Effective discount on MRP: 15% – 18% (approximately) on on total invoice value at the time of checkout

Beginners Reseller Plan. As a Beginners reseller plan (BRP) independent business owner , you will receive 15% discount on all products when you purchase more than Rs.2500 per order. There are no registration fees, no monthly or annual contract. The discount will be automatically applied at the time of checkout giving you an idea how much you will earn by reselling it.

Terms of Creation of New Beginners Reseller Account;

  1. There are no account creation or membership charges. Just pay for what you buy.
  2. There are no monthly or annual purchase contract.
  3. If you are registering for the very first time. In the account registration page [ click here ], select the appropriate Reseller Plan you wish to chose. If you already have an account with us, please fill in the form here and we will upgrade you account. Please complete the form with correct information as this is mandatory under GST regulation. Validate your email id by clicking on the activation link sent to your email id.
  4. After receiving all necessary information, we will activate your account within 48 hrs and enable the discount structure.

Terms of Delivery:

We offer free delivery through by road delivery. If you need your items quickly you may get it delivered through air but it cost extra.

Terms of Your Discount / Commission:

As your Saosis business grows, the rewards you earn will grow in proportion and you can earn money in two ways:

  1. Retail Margin: Retail margin is the difference between your selling price and your purchase price. As Saosis Direct Seller, you determine the price you charge (up to MRP), and when you sell products to customers above your purchase price, you keep the retail margin.
  2. Trade Discount: A surprise discount given to Resellers when they attain a particular turn over in a year. Trade discounts are some times given in the form of gifts.

Your discount structure on MRP as applicable in your reseller plan will be calculated at the time of check out. That is, if a product cost Rs. 100 and as per your reseller plan you get 15% discount on MRP. Then at the time of checkout you pay us Rs. 85 only and get delivered to your address for free.

Terms of Gift / Schemes / Offers:

  1. During the year, based on your purchase performance we will send you many offers. There will be offers that you will be automatically entitled and there will be offers that you have to win.
  2. We offer variety of gifts / cash back / discounts / tours / excursion as incentive on purchase.
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