Blite – An Organic Insecticide and Organic Pesticide

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Blite ™ acts as Organic Insecticide and Organic Pesticides. Blite protects the plant root from nematodes, mites, soil grubs, red ants, white ants, white fly and fungal diseases due to its Neem content. When the organic insecticide and organic pesticide properties of Blite decomposes over period of time, it becomes organic fertilizer. Blite contains more than 80% Organic Matter. Blite also reduces alkalinity in the soil, as it produces organic acids on decomposition. It also improves the organic matter content in the soil, soil texture, water holding capacity and soil aeration for better root development.

The dual activity of Blite as  soil fertilizer and soil borne pest and insect repellent, has made it a favored input. It is widely used to fertilize and protect cash crops, flowering plants, fruit plants etc.

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Blite – An organic insecticide and organic pesticide. No toxicological effect. Suitable for organic farming

Nematodes are very difficult to control. It occurs in kitchen garden, home garden, flowering plants and in large scale cultivation. Most nematodes feed on plants with a needle like mouth that punctures and attaches the nematode to a plant roots, leaves, stems or flowers. Those feed on the plant root cells, such as Root Knot Nematode, do the most damage underground as it feeds on root cells. These insects also make the plant more susceptible to diseases because of the damage it is doing to the roots.

Use of synthetic nematicides is not desirable as they cause toxicological effects. Liminoid fractions present in Blite, which is extracted from Neem kernels provide active protection and defense against Nematodes.

Blite, which acts as Organic Insecticide and Organic Pesticide is known to act on various insects by:

  • Neem cake in Blite disrupts and inhibit the development of eggs, larvae or pupae.
  • Neem cake in Blite Blocks the moulting of larvae or nymphs
  • Blite disrupts mating and sexual communication
  • Neem present in Blite repels larvae and adults
  • Deterring females from laying eggs
  • Blite sterilize adults insects
  • Poisoning larvae and adults
  • Inhibiting the formation of chitin.

Other benefits of using Blite:

  • Due to its lack or imbalance of Nutritious and trace element It prevents and treats ailment disorders of plants
  • It accelerates root development and overall plant growth and protects the plant from Nematodes and white ants.
  • It is a totally organic plant food which increases productivity and soil fertility.
  • It has antifungal properties and highly suitable for application in Greenhouses.

Nutritional facts:

  • Organic carbon > 72%
  • Organic matter > 80%
  • Neem oil > 15 %
  • Neem extract > 85 %
  • Nitrogen (N) + Phosphorus (P2O5) + Potassium (K2O) < 5%
  • Calcium ( Ca) + Magnesium (Mg) + Sulphur (S) + Zinc (Zn) + Iron (Fe) < 10000 ppm

Blite – Organic Insecticide & Organic pesticide key contents:

  • Neem cake
  • Neem oil
  • and other oil cakes

Application procedure:

  • FRUIT PLANTS (Mango, Lichi, Guava, Lemon, Organge, Grape, Banana, Papaya etc.):  50 gram / 10 inch pot / 7 days or  8 kg – 10 kg / Acre
  • VEGETABLES: 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 10 days or  8 kg – 10 kg / Acre
  • POTATO: 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 10 days or 8 kg – 10 kg / Acre
  • CROPS (Paddy, Jute, Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Til, Ground nut, Sunflower, Soybean, Cotton etc.): 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 7 days or  8 kg – 10 kg / Acre
  • FLOWER AND FOLIAGE PLANT: 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 7 days or  8 kg – 10 kg / Acre

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