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Benefits of Organic Liquid Seaweed Extract Fertilizer :

Organic Liquid Seaweed Extract Fertilizer. It is one of the best organic liquid fertilizer you can use on your plants. Liquid seaweed fertilizer is organic. It has more than 63 different types of Macro and Micro nutrients. Liquid Seaweed extract fertilizer also has many Oceanic Bio Active matters that are difficult to find in other organic liquid fertilizers.

Advantages of using Organic Liquid Seaweed Extract Fertilizer:

  • It promotes more buds when applied as the plants are beginning to bud.
  • It extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables if applied 10 days before harvesting
  • Organic Liquid Seaweed Extract Fertilizer lengthens the life of cut flowers if they are sprayed with Liquid Seaweed a day or two before cutting
  • Treating seeds or seed pieces with Liquid Seaweed before planting will improve seed germination, root growth, and early seedling vigor.
  • Organic Liquid Seaweed Extract Fertilizer can also be used as a rooting solution. Place cuttings in a solution of Liquid Seaweed and water until roots develop, then plant. When planting, water in with Liquid Seaweed solution.
  • Seaweed organic fertilizers can be used as a soil treatment to grow healthier, stronger, and more disease-resistant plants.
  • Organic Liquid Seaweed Extract Fertilizer promotes vigorous growth and helps deter pests and diseases on fruit, flowers, vegetables, lawns etc.


Organic Liquid Seaweed Extract Fertilizer. Seaweed fertilizers have many benefits. They provide natural hormones and many nutrients not found in other forms of organic fertilizer. Since most plants absorb their nutrients through the leaves, applying this with a foliar method will benefit the plant even more. Foliar simply means placing the fertilizer on the leaf itself. As the plant absorbs the sunlight it needs, it will also be absorbing the nutrients found in the fertilizer.

The major components in Organic Liquid Seaweed Extract Fertilizer are the natural hormones present in it. The main hormones in organic liquid seaweed extract fertilizer are auxins, gibbelerins, cytokinins and betaines. The roles of these hormones are essential to plant health. Most of these are only required in very small proportions. There are many different auxins hormones present in seaweed extract and they all have their specific roles. Their main functions are the balanced control of speed of growth. They have both growth stimulating as well as delaying functions. They stimulate root-growth, prevent bud-forming or opening at the wrong times.

Organic Liquid Seaweed Extract Fertilizer are especially useful in organic gardening. They contain almost every micro-nutrient in a fully chelated (immediately available) form. Organic Liquid Seaweed Extract Fertilizer deliver a healthy dose of natural plant hormones. Seaweed is full of carbohydrates, which the plants use as a building block and which large populations of beneficial micro-organisms use as a food source.

Liquid seaweed fertilizers act as soil conditioners. The alginates hormone react with metals in the soil and form long and cross-linked polymers in the soil. These polymers improve the crumbing in the soil, and swell up when they get wet, and retain moisture for a long period.

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