Humic Acid’s Role in Improving Soil Quality and Plant Growth

Humic acid is a natural bio-stimulant that is derived from leonardite and is among the most concentrated organic material available today. Elemental analysis of humic acid has shown it to consist largely of carbon and oxygen (about 50% and 40% respectively). Humic acid also contains hydrogen (about 5%), nitrogen (about 3%), phosphorous and sulfur (both […]

Humic acid uses

Humic Acid Uses

The different Humic acid uses as follows; Humic acid uses enhance nutrient uptake by combining nutrients and humic aid as well as keep a well-balanced nutrition. Humic acid uses improve the structure of soil, increase the buffering powder of soil, optimize NPK absorption by plants. Humic acid uses neutralize both acid and alkaline soils, regulate the PH value […]

Natural Fertilizers

Natural Fertilizers and organic fertilizers differ from chemical fertilizer in many ways. Natural Fertilizers or organic fertilizer feed your plants while building the soil. Soils with lots of Natural Fertilizers remain loose and airy, hold more moisture and nutrients, foster growth of soil organisms, and promote healthier plant root development. Natural Fertilizers are carbon based compounds that increase the […]

Humic fertilizer

Humic fertilizer. Humic fertilizer are complex organic molecules that are formed by the breakdown of organic matter. Humic fertilizer influences soil fertility through its effect on the water-holding capacity of the soil. Humic fertilizer make important contributions to soil stability and soil fertility leading to exceptional plant growth and micro nutrient uptake. There has been much interest […]

The Secrets of Foliar Spraying

Foliar feeding is a method of fertilizing plants directly. It involves directly spraying nutrients onto the plants leaves and stem where they are absorbed and used. It is considered an almost immediate way to feed your plants. It is becoming very common especially among small gardeners and lawn owners. It has a several advantages and […]

Determining Amounts of Fertilizer over Small Areas

Determining Amounts of Fertilizer over Small Areas. Fertilizers can promote vigorous growth of plants and good production. However, fertilizing will not correct problems related to soil pH, salinity, or presence of sodium . Successful gardening begins with soil testing in order to get the most out of your dollar for fertilizer. A simple soil pH test […]

Seaweed extracts in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India – Manufacturers and Suppliers

Seaweed extracts in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India – Manufacturers and Suppliers The seaweeds resources are intensively used to improve harvest quantity and quality in agriculture and horticulture. The beneficial effects of seaweed products on the cultured plants are well documented. At Saosis we manufacture one of the best in class Seaweed liquid formulation (25% concentration) which is […]

natural brassinolide

Natural Brassinolide

Natural Brassinolide, Natural Brassinolide products, Natural Brassinolide manufacturer, Natural Brassinolide supplier, Natural Brassinolide products manufacturer, Natural Brassinolide products supplier Natural Brassinolide is used as a one of the best plant growth promoter for the formulation of agricultural products. Our Natural Brassinolide is made by using superior quality chemical substances under the favorable conditions. This Natural […]

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