Liquid Fertilizer Spray

Liquid Fertilizer Spray. As a manufacturer of Liquid fertilizer spray, we get many of inquiries about what is the benefit of Liquid fertilizer Liquid-Fertilizer-Spray-3spray, how to apply and how much to use. The application rate of Liquid fertilizer spray varies depending on the product, the way most liquid fertilizer spray is to be applied is common for all products. Having said that, there are 3 common ways to apply liquid fertilizer spray products;

1. liquid fertilizer spray – hose-end applicators
2. liquid fertilizer spray – ready to use
3. liquid fertilizer spray – irrigation system (example: drip irrigation system)

Liquid Spray is the most common and efficient way to increase crop yield and improve plant health. Many international publication has shown that Liquid Fertilizer Spray feeding can increase yields from 12% – 25% when compared to conventional feeding or soil fertilization.

Field test conducted in different locations, under different soil and environment conditions have reflected that when Liquid Spray as foliar spray applied, more than 90% of the fertilizer is utilized by plants. However, when a similar amount is applied to the soil, only 10% of it actually gets used.

The effectiveness of Liquid Fertilizer Spray applied nutrients is determined by;

Liquid-Fertilizer-Spray-21. Condition of the leaf surface, more specifically, the waxy cuticle. The plant cuticle is only partially permeable to water and helps in dissolving nutrients and as a result it can restrict nutrient uptake.

2. The time the nutrients remains dissolved in the solution on the leaf’s surface

3. The movement of Liquid Spray elements from a high concentration to a low concentration. Diffusion.

4. The type of formula used in manufacturing Liquid Fertilizer Spray. Usually water – soluble Liquid Spray formulations generally work better for foliar application as they are more easily absorbed by the plant in comparison to insoluble Liquid Fertilizer Spray solutions.

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