Enzymatic – Buy Organic Granular Soil Fertilizer, Best Soil Fertilizer, Lawn Fertilizer, Grass fertilizer, Rebuilds Soil, Promote Root Growth

buy organic granular soil fertilizer

Buy organic granular soil fertilizer: Those gardeners who prefer Organic Fertilizer in granule form over powder form this organic granular soil fertilizer is a must buy.You can use  Granular soil fertilizer in small tubs (about 30 gm / 10 inch pot) as well as in open land farming (about 3kg / Acre). You can use it as Soil Fertilizer to replenish nutrients taken up by plants for growth and development also. When you buy organic granular soil fertilizer you dont need to buy any other soil fertilizer for your little plants.  Finally,all you have to do is to adjust the quantity you need to apply depending up on your plant size.

Granular soil fertilizer is made from plant extract coated on soil material. It will reduce your over all expenditure as it is a single source for Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrogen and many other micro nutrients also. In other words, this is a All In One Product.

The granular fertilizer can be used as organic lawn fertilizer or as grass fertilizer to grow and rebuild your open land. The soil fertilizer can be used as Tomato fertilizer, Vegetable fertilizer, Flower fertilizer etc. If you buy organic granular soil fertilizer you are buying slow release fertilizer which contains high nitrogen from natural source. Hence, buy organic granular fertilizer.


  • Compatible Plant Type:  All kinds
  • Fertilizer Type:  Dry, Granular
  • Fertilizer Feature: Granular, Water soluble, Slow release
  • Longevity: 2 years
  • N.P.K Ratio: As mentioned in nutritional value
  • Organic: Yes
  • Season Use:  For All Season
  • Time Release: Slow Release


  • FRUIT PLANTS such as Mango, Lichi, Guava, Lemon, Orange, Grape, Banana, Papaya etc. use 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 7 days or 4 kg – 5 kg / Acre
  • VEGETABLE  PLANTS such as Beans, Onions, Tomatoes, Watermelon, Carrot, Broccoli, Okra, Capsicum etc. use 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 10 days or 4 kg – 5 kg / Acre
  • POTATO PLANTS: 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 10 days or 4 kg – 5 kg / Acre)
  • CROPS PLANTS such as Paddy, Jute, Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Til, Ground nut, Sunflower, Soybean, Cotton etc. use 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 7 days or 4 kg – 5 kg / Acre
  • FLOWER AND FOLIAGE PLANT: 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 7 days or 4 kg – 5 kg / Acre

NUTRIENT VALUE(From organic sources):

  • Dry matter: 88-95%
  • Organic matter: 45%-55%
  • Nitrogen: 500 ppm-1500 ppm
  • Phosphorus: 100 ppm – 500 ppm
  • Potassium: 1000 ppm -1500 ppm
  • Seaweed extract+Fulvic acid + Amino acid + Humic acid >91%
  • Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Sodium, Manganese, Zinc, Boron also available in traces

To know more about this product please visit product page : https://saosis.com/products/saosis-enzymatic

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SEAGROW ® PADDY – Buy Organic Fertilizer for Paddy, the Best Fertilizer for Rice Crop

Buy organic fertilizer for paddy. Scientific experiment has shown use of organic fertilizer for rice crop reduces greenhouse gases. It has also been shown use of organic fertilizer in paddy reduces emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). Therefore, it is essential that all farmers growing rice must buy  organic fertilizer for paddy.

Dose: 10 gm / 16 L water. Available in powder form which 100% water soluble. Do not mix this product with any other chemical / organic plant food. Do not spray or give plant any other chemical / organic food 7 days before or after application, doing so may result in over dose.

Projected Growth Rate:

  • When sprayed 1 time : 8% – 10% boost
  • When sprayed 2 times periodically: 13% – 15% boost
  • When sprayed 3 times periodically: 18% – 25% boost
  • When sprayed periodically every 10 days: > 35% boost

Reduction in chemical K2O application :

  • When sprayed 1 time : ~ 10% – 15% less application needed
  • When sprayed 2 times periodically: ~ 20% – 25% less application needed
  • When sprayed 3 times periodically: ~ 30% – 40% less application needed
  • When sprayed periodically every 10 days: > 70% less application needed


  • Compatible Plant Type:  All Types of Paddy  Plants
  • Fertilizer Type: Dry, Powder form.
  • Fertilizer Feature: Water Soluble
  • Longevity: 2 Years
  • NPK Ratio: 12000 ppm approximately
  • Organic: Yes
  • Season Use: All Season
  • Time Release: Slow Release

Nutritional facts:

  • Dry matter: 96.40 – 98%
  • Organic matter: 56.30% – 60%
  • Nitrogen (N) + Phosporus (P2O5) + Potassium (K2O) > 12000 ppm
  • Fe + Ca + Mg + S + Na + Mn + Zn + B > 6000 ppm

What are the nutrients does Rice need to grow?

Mostly the factors that limit rice growth on soil is Nitrogen, followed by Phosphorus and Potassium. The best fertilizer for rice crop should contain all elements in required quantity.

Why this organic fertilizer for rice is the best?

In addition to nitrogen which is required in high quantity for Paddy growth this fertilizer for rice growing also contains other Micro nutrients which is not available in Urea.

TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCT VISIT https://saosis.com/products/seagrow-paddy

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Seaweed extract is used as liquid organic bio fertilizer because of it’s organic micro nutrient, NPK and Natural Growth Hormones content such as Cytokinins, Alginic Acid, Mannitol, Gibberellins. Seaweed is Used as Plant Growth Promoter for all Kinds of Plants

Seaweed extract is 100% natural, water-soluble, liquid organic bio fertilizer containing micro and macro nutrients, formulated from soluble brown Seaweed extract derived from vegetable kelp Seaweed. Seaweed contains a sufficient amount of oceanic bio-active matter such as Phycocolloid, Mannitol, Oligose, Polyphenol, Trehalase, Cytokinin, Betaine, Lignin etc which are essential for improving germination, root development, leaf quality, general plant vigor and resistance to pathogens.

Saosis Seaweed extract also benefits in flower set and fruit production. High quality of fruit have been recorded for many of both herbaceous and woody crop species. Increases in fresh and dry mass was recorded for tomatoes grown in jiffypots presaged with both water and alkaline extracts of Kelp. Seaweed has been shown to improve the leaf content of micronutrients, promote growth, and impart resistance to drought stress in grapes. The key point is that there is an increased economic benefit.

Nutritional facts:

  1. Nitrogen(N) + Phosphorus (P2O5) + Potasium(K2O) > 3%
  2. Calcium(Ca) + Magnesium(Mg) + Zinc(Zn) > 0.9 %
  3. Amino acids + Fulvic acid + Humic acid > 1.88%
  4. Aluminium(AI) + Boron(B) + Cobalt(Co) < 300 ppm
  5. Sulphur (S) + Iron (Fe) + Sodium(Na) > 1%
  6. Iodine(I) + Manganese(Mn): 500 – 800 ppm
  7. Cytokinins + Alginic Acid + Mannitol + Gibberellins> 0.5 %

Here is a look at the major benefits of using Seaweed Extract:

  1. Being rich in bio-activators (the ingredients for healthy decomposition) Seaweed is great for compost piles as it assists in speeding up the decay of other organic matter.
  2. Seaweed contains large traces of potassium and natural hormones making it a hearty fertilizer that strengthens roots and a plant’s overall system.
  3. It lowers vulnerabilities against diseases.
  4. Its smell repels many unwanted pests and insects though it unfortunately also makes earthworms temporarily run for the hills, which is noteworthy because worms are important contributors to soil composition. However, they don’t disperse for long and in the end the benefits of applying fresh seaweed out way this temporary situation.
  5. As mulch Saosis seaweed stops weeds dead in their tracks and keeps soil moist.
  6. Because SAOSIS seaweed comes from the ocean it doesn’t introduce unwanted seeds to the new environment like other mulches may.
  7. Improves the uptake of nutrients (CEC)
  8. Improves root structure and development
  9. Boosts seed germination
  10. Reduces fertilizer runoff
  11. Increases yields
  12. Prevents disease and heat stress
  13. Promotes healthier crops

What makes Seaweed extract different from other fertilizer?

  1. Saosis Seaweed extract fertilizers prove beneficial when doctored on the soil, delivering strength through vital nutrients. The Saosis Seaweed fertilizers are best administered when sprayed. Thus, liquid seaweed fertilizers have their own set of benefits. Here are the advantages that liquid Saosis Seaweed fertilizers would provide plants with: When the plant, from its neonatal stage, shifts to acquiring or developing buds, it is suggested that Saosis Seaweed fertilizer be sprayed gently on those buds to promote a healthy growth .
  2. We all love flowers. Having the flowers cut freshly, from the garden sod and placing them in an ornate vase, makes the ambiance of the house extremely enchanting and serene. We also wish these flowers preserve the freshness for days together. However, we do find their shoulders drooping the very next day. Well, your lovely flowers could droop a day or two later if you spray seaweed fertilizer on them a day before you cut them and detach them from the plant.
  3. If seeds are treated with seaweed fertilizers before they are sowed, the seeds will germinate better, have an increased growth rate and their roots will possess strength.
  4. A ‘fighter’ plant could be acquired if the seaweed organic fertilizers are doctored on the plant. The plant will display a higher immunity against diseases and pests such as green-fly, white fly and will have an ameliorated growth pattern.
  5. The seaweed will encourage vigor in the plant growth cycle as it consists more than 70 nutritional deporting minerals and enzymes.
  6. Seaweed consists of a sponge like porous part called the alginates , a type of algae. This part has a dominant role to play in the root system strengthening. The fertilizers when sprayed from the tip of the leaves to the roots of the plant, alginates holds the residue of the fertilizers near the roots giving them a comfortable access to moisture, without making them soggy and wet with mixture.
  7. Liquid seaweed fertilizers contain elements called hormones. They are Auxins , Cytokinins , Gibberellins and Betaines , required in minor proportions but they do contribute to the overall plant health. The auxins are a major hormonal component that regulates the speed at which the plant develops. Auxins, as hormones have a tendency to increase the growth or delay the growth rate of the plant. It also aids the flower buds to unfold at the right time.
  8. Cytokinins are another group of hormones in the organic seaweed fertilizers that judiciously distributes nutrients and minerals in the soil. The aging process in plants also known as the senescence, in plant taxonomy takes a backseat with the cytokinin content in the fertilizers.
  9. Liquid seaweed fertilizers has alginates that has a conditioning property when applied to plants. The soil has metal content with which the alginates react and form polymers that restore moisture in the soil when it gets wet.

Effect of Seaweed extract liquid fertilizer on insects?

The precise effects of the Seaweed on a given insect species are often difficult to pinpoint. plants treated with SAOSIS seaweed products develop a resistance to pests and diseases, not only to sap-seeking insects such as red spider mite and aphides, but also to scab, mildew and fungi. Such a possibility may seem novel, but it is in keeping with the results of research in related fields. The control of plant disease by compounds which reduce or nullify the effect of a pathogen after it has entered the plant is an accepted technique. It is in this way that streptomycin given as a foliar spray combats fireblight in apples and pears, and antimycin and malonic acid combat mosaic virus in tobacco. The subject of controlling plant disease by introducing substances into the plant itself is known as chemotherapy.

As far as chemotherapy through seaweed is concerned, the annual report for 1963 of the Institute of Seaweed Research stated that trials in which soil-borne diseases of plants were reduced by adding seaweed products to the soil were the first recorded instance of the control of disease by organic manure. ‘Hitherto’, the report ran, ‘the majority of agricultural scientists believed that the value of organic manures was restricted to their nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium content, with perhaps some additional value as soil conditioner. This new discovery challenges this over-simplified view of the value of organic manures, and has initiated a new appraisal of this very complex problem.’

The reason why seaweed and seaweed products should exert some form of biological control over a number of common plant diseases is unknown. Soil fungi and bacteria are known to produce natural antibiotics which hold down the population of plant pathogens, and when these antibiotics are produced in sufficient quantities they enter the plant and help it to resist disease. The production of such antibiotics is increased in soil high in organic matter, and it may be that seaweed still further encourages this process.

Why should you use Seaweed extract?

  • SAOSIS SEAWEED is an organic plant nutrients produced from Seaweed.
  • Saosis Seaweed accelerates the growth rate of plants and improves disease resistance. The effects of seaweed application have been tested on diverse plant crops including flowers, vegetables, bananas, tomatoes, citrus crops and potatoes and the results was outstanding.
  • Saosis Seaweed extract is rich in plant essential micronutrients, such as nitrogen, potash and phosphorus which are usually deficient in soil due to plants requiring and absorbing these elements in substantial amounts. That is why the plants need supplements to make up for it.
  • Saosis Seaweed promotes faster germination of seeds as well as better stem and plant growth. It also heightens drought and frost resistance in plants. The antibiotics in seaweed enter the plant system and improve disease resistance.

Product Usage benefit to customer

  • » Easy to use
  • » Ready to use
  • » No Mixing of 2 or more chemicals inputs.
  • » No plant burning fear due to wrong doses of chemical nutrients.
  • » Harmless to any living
  • » No worry on accidental drinking
  • » Free from hazardous chemical
  • » Safe for children at home

Direction for use: 

  • A 250 ml bottle is suitable for 1 time spray over 1 Acre of land
  • FRUIT PLANTS (Mango, Lichi, Guava, Lemon, Organge, Grape,Banana, Papaya) : After 15 days of planting: Spray 3ml / 1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.
  • VEGETABLES: After 15 days of sowing spray 2 ml / 1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.
  • POTATO: After 15 days of sowing spray 2ml / 1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting
  • CROPS (Paddy, Jute, Wheat, Barley, Mustard, Til, Ground nut, Sunflower, Soybean, Cotton) : After 15 days of sowing spray 2ml / 1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting
  • FLOWER AND FOLIAGE PLANT: After 15 days of sowing 2ml / 1L of water every 10-12 days interval

Application: Nursery, kitchen garden, flori culture, golf course, agro forestry, sericulture,sugarcane, coffee, tea, pan, orchards, agriculture, horticulture, lawn.

Compatibility: Compatible with all most all pesticides / fungicides / PGR

Packing Available: 50 ml / 100 ml / 250 ml / 500 ml / 1 Liter / 5 Liter

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BLITE- Buy Organic Root Protector and Controls Nematode


Buy organic root protector: BLITE protect  plant roots from nematodes,soil grubs and white ants due to its limonoid content. BLITE is a natural fertilizer with organic pesticidal properties.BLITE also reduce alkalinity in soil,as it produces organic acids on decomposition. Being totally natural,it is compatible with soil microbes,improves and rhizosphere microflora and hence ensures fertility of the soil. It also improves the organic matter content in the soil,soil texture,water holding capacity,and soil aeration for better root development. It is also nitrification inhibitor and prolongs the availability of nitrogen  to both short duration and long duration crops.


-It is effective in the management of insects and pests. The bitter principles saosis Neem pellet have been reported to have  seven types of activities such as antifeedant,attractant, repellent,insecticide,nematicide,growth disruptor,antimicrobial

-A list of insects effected by Saosis Neem Pellet, Mediterranean fruit fly, Oriental fruit fly, face fly, horn fly, whitefly, housefly, sorghum shoot fly, green leafhopper, house mosquito, flea, head lice, spotted cucumber, aphid, colorado potato beetle, flea beetle, khapra  beetle, confused flour  beetle, red flour  beetle, thrips, moth, corn earworm, bollworm, tobacco budworm, house cricket, migratory locust, large milkweed bug, fire ant, cowpea weevil, rice  weevil etc.


  • Compatible Plant Type:  All Plant
  • Fertilizer Type: Dry
  • Fertilizer Feature:
  • Longevity: 2 Years
  • NPK Ratio:
  • Organic: Yes
  • Season Use: All Season
  • Time Release: Slow Release


  • Organic carbon>72
  • Neem oil>15%
  • neem extract>85%
  • nitrogen(n)+phosphorus(p205)+potassium(k20)<5%
  • calcium(ca)+magnesium(mg)+sulphur(s)+zinc(zn)+iron(fe)<10000 ppm
  • …..And more


  • FRUIT PLANTS (Mango, lichi, guava, lemon, orange, grape, banana, papaya etc.): 50 gram /10 inch pot / 7 days or 8 kg-10 kg /Acre
  • VEGETABLES: 50 gram / 10 inch pot / 10 days or 8 kg -10 kg / Acre
  • POTATO: 50 gram/10 inch pot/10 days or 8kg -10 kg/Acre
  • CROPS:(paddy,jute,wheat,barley,mustard,til,ground nut,sunflower,soybean,cotton etc.):50 gram/10 inch pot/10 days or 8kg -10 kg/Acre
  • FLOWER AND FOLIAGE PLANT:50 gram/10 inch pot/10 days or 8kg -10 kg/Acre


TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCT VISIT https://saosis.com/products/blite

Seagrow Potato – Buy Organic Fertilizer for Potato Plants

buy organic fertilizer for potato

Why you should buy organic fertilizer for potato plants ?

Potatoes need high phosphorus fertilizer to thrive. And for a good potato crop cultivation, the plants must make a rapid, healthy start. Giving organic fertilizer products two weeks after planting potatoes is a good idea. It gives potato plants much needed energy for large, well developed spuds. So if you are growing potato you must buy organic fertilizer for potato

Why we recommend this organic potato fertilizer as the best fertilizer for potato plantation

For many using an organic potato fertilizer may not be a quick and easy to use as compared to non organic potato fertilizer or chemical fertilizer for growing potatoes. However, it can lead to a broader sense of satisfaction. After all, you are not using harmful chemicals.

Another key feature of using this organic fertilizer products, you don’t have to worry about over dosing your plant or periodically dousing your crops with fertilizer throughout the growing seasons. Once you apply the bio organic fertilizer at the beginning of the growing season, your involvement with fertilizer is finished.

Water is crucial to quantity and quality of potatoes. Potato plants need about 1 inch of water per week to reach their maximum potential. When you water potato plant you can mix Seagrow Potato at 10 gm / 15 L water ratio and drench the soil near the root of the plant. Hence it is essential to buy organic fertilizer for potato if you wish to grow potato plantation in the winter time.

Growth rate (over all development of the potato plant) :

  • 1st spray : 8% – 10% boost
  • 2nd spray: 13% – 15% boost
  • 3rd spray: 18% – 25% boost

When sprayed periodically every 10 days: You need 35% less chemical K2O (Potassium):

  • 1st spray  : ~ 10% – 15% less K2O application needed
  • 2nd spray: ~ 20% – 25% less K2O application needed
  • 3rd spray: ~ 30% – 40% less K2O application needed

When sprayed periodically every 10 days: About 70% less chemical Pesticide / Insecticide is needed due to better growth and intake of high nutrition (This is based on statistics):

  • 1st spray : ~ 2% – 4%
  • 2nd spray: ~ 6% – 8%
  • 3rd spray: ~ 10% – 12%
  • When sprayed periodically every 10 days: > 20%

To know more about the product visit https://saosis.com/products/organic-potato-fertilizer-seagrow-potato

SEAGROW ® ROSE – Buy Organic Rose Fertilizer for Roses in Pots

Buy organic rose fertilizer rose plant fertilizer online india

Buy organic rose fertilizer because it is a Potassium rich organic fertilizer.  Seagrow Organic Rose Fertilizer gives plants the nutrients they need to develop lush foliage, abundant blooms, and also high yields. It promotes abundant and beautiful blooms. It is formulated with important micro nutrients for maximum plant performance which improves disease resistance. Contains time released nitrogen for extended feeding.


  • Compatible Plant Type:  All Types of Rose Plants
  • Fertilizer Type: Dry,Granular
  • Fertilizer Feature: Water Soluble
  • Longevity: 2 Years
  • Organic: Yes
  • Season Use: All Season
  • Time Release: Slow Release

NOTE: This is a balanced plant food . Do not mix it with other food.

Nutritional Facts:

Natural source of bio micro nutrients & bio active matters

Which is the best fertilizer for Rose plants?

Rose plant need fertilizer that is slow release, contains higher Potassium for better steam, buds and leaves developments. Organic fertilizer is good for rose plants

Why you should buy organic rose fertilizer?

Organic rose fertilizer improves the quality of the soil and consists of those nutrient which are very essential for rose plantation.  SEAGROW ® ROSE follows proper N-P-K ratio as required by Rose plants. As a result, SEAGROW ® ROSE organic rose fertilizer is an excellent way to add specific nutrients particular to a plant’s needs.

Why organic fertilizer is best for your garden?

As chemical fertilizer increases the amount of acidity causes less production, on the other hand to save soil nutrient and to have abundant and more beautiful bloom organic fertilizer is essential, not only that, this is the best way to enrich your soil quality also. Hence you should buy organic rose fertilizer for your plants.

How do I plant Roses?

These are some steps;

  • Dig a deep hole approximately twice as wide as the rose root system
  • Add a good quality compost to the hole 1 day in advance
  • Before planting, mix 1 gm SEAGROW ® ROSE in 1 liter water. Soak the roots in the water for 15 minutes
  • Now put the rose plant into the hole. Make sure the leaves are above soil level
  • Finally, replace the soil, firming it down very gently and water

How often should I buy organic rose fertilizer and fertilize my roses?

Rose plant should be fertilized once in every 15 days during seasons. This promotes vigorous growth and abundant bloom. In early spring the first application should be made. During the the first bloom period apply the second fertilizer application and so on. Later fertilization results succulent new growth.


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HEIGHTEN is especially formulated to give plants a super boost of energy by raising the plant metabolism.HEIGHTEN provides the widest range of immediately available vitamins so that plants grow strong ,resist stress,disease and produce bigger harvests.HEIGHTEN increases nutrient uptake by proving naturally occurring hormones and vitamins that plants could never get elsewhere.

DOSE: 2ml/L of water


Seaweed+Amino acids+Fulvic acid+Humic acid>15%

Nitrogen(N)+Phosphorus(P205)+Potassium(k20)>3000 ppm

Calcium(Ca)+Magnesium(Mg)+Copper(Cu)+Zinc(Zn)>1600 ppm

Boron(B)+Sulphur(S)+Iron(Fe)+Sodium(Na)<800 ppm

Protein+Vitamins+Auxins+Alginic acid+Cytokinins+Mannitol>280 ppm



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PINCH is one of the best organic fertilizer  which gives your plants just what they need when they need it to produce abundant,vigorous blossoms and better harvests.It also include additional natural trace minerals,amino acids and other stimulants to replenish growing solutions and prevent weakness,deficiencies and diseases.you’ll marvel at the results.

DOSE:30 ml/ l of water


Seaweed+Amino acids+Fulvic Acid+Humic acid+>15 ppm

Nitrogen(N)+Phosphorus(p205)+Potassium(k20)>300 ppm

Calcium(Ca)+Magnesium(Mg)+Copper(Cu)+Zinc(Zn)>160 ppm

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SEAWEED™ – Seaweed extract fertilizer, plant growth supplement (PGR), natural hormone supplement and growth booster. It contains many different Macro & Micro nutrients and Bio Active matter from natural sources. When applied periodically, no other fertilizer (chemical or organic) is need

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About  Seaweed Extract Fertilizer :

Seaweed Extract Fertilizer is an 100% water soluble liquid organic fertilizer which is Non Toxic and completely Chemical free. It can be applied to all kinds of plants through foliage application (spray on the leaves), soil application (spray near the roots of the plant) and hydroponic application.

Seaweed extract fertilizer has 25% extract from freshly available ascophyllum nodosum plants, a small portion of Amino Acid , Potassium Humate and Fulvic acids are added to keep up higher balanced nutritional value in the product. When seaweed is applied to the plants it provides the plant with balanced growth supplement, natural hormone supplement and growth booster supplements. Seaweed due to its natural micro nutrient contents, natural Nitrogent (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), growth hormones contents such as Alginic Acid, Gibberellins, Cytokinins, Mannitol etc. is some times refereed as Bio Fertilizer.Seaweed Extract Fertilizer

Besides this, Seaweed also has plenty of Oceanic Bio Active matters such as Mannitol, Polyphenol, Betaine, Lignin, Oligose, Phycocolloid, Cytokinin, Trehalase etc which are very essential for improving germination, root development, leaf quality, general plant vigor and resistance to pathogens.

SEAWEED is one of the best organic liquid fertilizer you can use on your plants. seaweed contains organic 63 different macro and micro nutrients. Apart from all most all macro and micro nutrients available it also contains many different types of Oceanic Bio Active matters that are difficult to find in other organic liquid fertilizers.

 Benefits of Seaweed Extract Fertilizer:

    • It promotes more buds when applied as the plants are beginning to bud.
    • Extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables if applied 10 days before harvesting
    • Lengthens the life of cut flowers if they are sprayed with Liquid Seaweed a day or two before cutting
    • Treating seeds or seed pieces with Liquid Seaweed before planting will improve seed germination, root growth, and early seedling vigor.
    • It acts as a rooting solution also. Place cuttings in a solution of Liquid Seaweed and water until roots develop, then plant. When planting, water in with Liquid Seaweed solution.
    • You can use it as a soil treatment to grow healthier, stronger, and more disease-resistant plants.
    • It promotes vigorous growth and helps deter pests and diseases on fruit, flowers, vegetables, lawns etc.
    • Eco-friendly
    • Odorless
    • Feeds all indoor and outdoor plants
  • 100% organic all-purpose


  • Foliar Application:   2ml/L
  • Soil  Application:     5ml/L


  • Seaweed extract>25%
  • Amino acids+Fulvic acid+Humic acid>1.88%
  • Nitrigen(N)+phosphorus (p205)+ Potassium(k20)>3%
  • Calcium(Ca)+Magnesium(Mg)+copper(Cu)+Zinc(Zn)>0.9%
  • Boron(B)+Sulphur(S)+Iron(Fe)+Sodium(Na)<1%
  • Molybdenum+Protein+Vitamins<0.01%
  • Auxins+Alginic Acid+Cytokinis+mannitol+Gibberellins<0.5%


Fruit plants(Mango,lichi,Guava,Lemon,Orange,Grape,Banana,Papaya):After 15 days of planting:Spray 2ml/1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.

VEGETABLES: After 15 days of sowing spray 2ml/1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.

POTATO:After 15 days of sowing spray 2ml/1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.

CROPS(Paddy,Jute,Wheat,Barley,Mustard,Til,Ground nut,Sunflower,Soybean,Cotton):After 15 days of sowing spray 2ml/1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.

FLOWER AND FOLIAGE PLANT:After 15 days of sowing spray 2ml/1L of water every 10-12 days interval till fruiting.

To Buy The Product please visit https://saosis.com/shop/buy-seaweed-extract-fertilizer-liquid-seaweed-fertilizer-organic-seaweed-fertilizer-liquid-seaweed-extract

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Product Overview of Organic Choice( Organic Oil Cake Based Fertilizer)

Organic Oil Cake Based Fertilizer: ORGANIC CHOICE is compost mixture of 20 different oil cakes for soil and it’s microbes.Nutrient in ORGANIC CHOICE is slowly released as the  plant needs them,which means there is no danger of burning or killing your plants due to an overdose.organic choice  is 100% natural and contains no artificial chemicals.

Advantages of organic fertilizer:

 There are many advantages of using organic oil cake based fertilizers. Building a soil environment favorable for soil organism growth while improving aeration and nutrient-holding capabilities are key advantages of using organic fertilizer over a conventional chemical one. While non-organic fertilizers temporarily add nutrients to the soil, they are unable to have lasting impact on soil health , which can lead to depletion of valuable growth-enhancing soil qualities over time.

One of the other advantage of saosis organic fertilizer pellet is that they give beneficial organic matter that can improve the soils water and nutrient holding capacity. This organic matter also creates an environment that encourages beneficial soil organisms such as earthworms. Another advantage is that organic fertilizer take longer to breakdown and release nutrients. This creates a slow-release situation that provides nutrients over a longer period and can also help in reducing the loss of nutrients to leaching.

  1. Organic fertilizer improved Soil Quality:Organic Fertilizer pellet have the ability to bring beneficial organic matter to the soil which enhances its water- and nutrient-holding capacities. Organic Fertilizers also aerate the soil, which encourages healthy soil organism growth and contributes to even greater soil health. Chemical fertilizers can over stimulate soil organisms when first applied, leading to depletion of soil organic matter without replacement of such nutrients.
  2. Organic Fertilizers lower nutrient loss:Chemical fertilizers often release nutrients into the soil within a short time after their application. Organic fertilizers pellet, by contrast, take much longer to break down and so nutrients are released more slowly over time. This gives natural Organic fertilizer pellet an advantage in reducing the risk of nutrient loss through leaching before plants are able to be nourished, often a concern with chemical products. However, this trait should be taken into account when timing Organic fertilizer pellet applications to ensure optimum plant benefits. Saosis organic fertilizers should be applied well in advance of when plants will need nutrients to assure their availability.
  3. Organic fertilizer free of harmful residues:The use of chemical fertilizers raises concerns over contamination of groundwater and the surrounding environment. Rainfall and irrigation can cause pollution due to residues. In addition, undesirable chemical residues may remain and adhere to vegetables or ornamental plants. With chemical fertilizer, excess phosphorous is of special concern as it may collect in the soil and cause pollution risks. Organic fertilizers are also likely to be the preferred choice when gardening or farming within close proximity of pets or wildlife.
  4. Organic fertilizer Lowers risk of plant harm:Saosis organic fertilizers are favored because they do not over stimulate plant development leading to unwanted overgrowth. They also carry less risk of burning because of salt content and, when materials are properly composed, safely make use of nitrogen-rich sources while avoiding harm to plants.Organic Fertilizer have a different effect on the soil than chemical fertilizers do. Organic fertilizer have a range of natural macro nutrients and micro nutrients that are needed to nurture the life of the soil. SAOSIS Organic fertilizer is scientifically formulated from natural oil cakes. Organic Fertilizer manufactured by us has no manure in it and hence there are no foul odors so often associated with natural Organic Fertilizer or organic compost. And, because in Organic Fertilizer, nutrients are released as the plants need them, there is no danger of burning or killing your plants due to an overdose.Organic fertilizer is naturally rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium [NPK]. N P K are the three major nutrients that plant needs, to grow strong and healthy. The organic fertilizer is less refined and involve no chemical processing. Therefore the natural environment finds it easier to break down and absorb the natural macro and micro nutrients present in the organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer pellet increases the biological activities in the soil. microorganism’s within the soil help plants convert nutrients into food and help to break down old plant material which adds to the over all health of the soil and garden.Organic pellet fertilizer are a slow release fertilizer. This slow release property allows the pellet fertilizer to gradually release the macro and micro nutrients in the soil, which gives plants time to absorb and use them through the growing season. In this way, the organic fertilizer also prevents leaching and soil erosion, which are side effects of the liquid form. Organic fertilizer’s content makes it a great source of nutrients not only for plants, but also for micro-organisms in the soil.


  • Boost both nutrient efficiency and organic matter content in the soil.
  • Nurture the soil with organic matter that reduces dependency on chemical inputs.
  • It increases microbial activity in the soil.
  • Facilitate the slow release of nutrients in response to the dynamic needs of plants
  • It contains Macro nutrient such as N,P,K,AS WELL AS Micro nutrients such as S,Zn,Fe,Mn,Mg,etc
  • It provides complete nutritional supplement and improves soil health for sustainable growth of crop plants.
  • Releases nutrients at a slower and consistent rate.
  • Retain soil moisture and reduce the stress on plants due to temporary loss of moisture.
  • Improves soil structure and water holding capacity of the soil.
  • Enhance crop resistance to erosion by improving the soil’s organic matter content

Nutritional  Facts:

  • Nitrogen (N) + Phosphorus (P2O5) + Potasium (K2O) > 9 %
  • Calcium(Ca) + Magnesium(Mg) + Zinc(Zn) > 1.5%
  • Aluminium(AI) + Boron(B) + Cobalt(Co) < 500 ppm
  • Sulphur (S) + Iron (Fe) + Sodium(Na) > 1.5%
  • Iodine(I) + Manganese(Mn): 500 – 800 ppm
  • Cytokinins + Alginic Acid + Mannitol +Gibberellins  > 0.1 %

Application Procedure:

  • FRUIT PLANTS (Mango,lichi,guava,lemon.orange,grape,banana,papaya etc.): 50gram/10 inch pot/7 days or 8 kg-10 kg /Acre
  • VEGETABLES: 50 gram/10 inch pot/10 days or 8kg -10 kg/Acre
  • POTATO: 50 gram/10 inch pot/10 days or 8kg -10 kg/Acre
  • CROPS:(paddy,jute,wheat,barley,mustard,til,ground nut,sunflower,soybean,cotton etc.):50 gram/10 inch pot/10 days or 8kg -10 kg/Acre
  • FLOWER AND FOLIAGE PLANT:50 gram/10 inch pot/10 days or 8kg -10 kg/Acre

What makes Saosis Organic fertilizer better than Chemical fertilizer:

  1. Chemical fertilizers are added to soil in a form the plants can take in easily, nearly instantly. This can be problematic, especially if too much is added to the plant. There is little control.
  2. Organic fertilizers need time break down fully, supplying a natural, long term benefit to the soil plants can feed off of for some time.
  3. Chemical fertilizers will wash away with several heavy rains or when plants are over watered.
  4. Chemicals are harmful to micro life within the soil, including all-important earthworms that help plant roots to grow by creating tunnels for them.
  5. Organic fertilizers don’t produce harmful gases or pollute water sources like chemical fertilizers do.
  6. Organic fertilizers build the soil, promoting a strong structure that supports and nourishes life.
  7. There are many benefits to using organic fertilizers rather than purchasing chemical based fertilizers. Not only is organic safer, it’s the natural way to improve the quality of soil.

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